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Charity Auction – Signed Everton Pennant


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This is not spamming...it is for a very good cause and there is a Signed Everton Pennant 2006/2007!!


Just thought you bauys might be interested by the following. I'm running an auction on the following http://www.mswalk.co.uk/auction.html to raise money for an event I'm organising in the summer. 7 people (The MS-NIFISCENT 7) all with varying degrees of MS will go from Edinburgh to London in one month. To raise money I've approached every club in the country for signed merchandise to auction online. Exeter City started the ball rolling by providing a Exeter City Shirt 2006/2007 by all the players and Steve Perryman, thanks to Andy Gillard. Since then I have acquired over 50 items which we are currently uploading, so bear with me. This is a ground breaking event that we are attempting and it's led by a Grecian dude, so please support us. If you want further information about the event please visit www.mswalk.co.uk.


All the best for next season.

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