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it also says at the bottom of the petrov bit that wigan are set to sign david thompson from blackburn for a cut price £250k. didnt we try to buy him for £3m in the summer!? surely if he is available for 1/12th of that now it would make sense to nab him!?

i think ferrari should show a bit of loyalty to the club thats paying him his wages (us) espec as hes been sitting on his arse collecting them for most of the time he has been here. u have mido of spurs saying he dosent want to rturn to roma and ferrair saying he does, shows the difference in attration between us and spurs doesnt it. i wonder if ferrrai would still want to return if arsenal or man utd wanted him?

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yeah i'd love to see thompson at Everton, but it won't happen cos sadly we can't attract anyone anymore....


wigan are now a more attractive option to players because a) they've got a shedload of cash (and haven't blown it all in one fell swoop B) they're a well run club beiong managed by a composed manager c) they're flying high in the league and are looking a safe bet for premiership safety and d) they're heading for the league cup final by the looks of it....


we, on the other hand are a bit of a mess....

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