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Football Aid- Fancy Playing At Goodison Park?


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Hi there,


Just posting details for any of you interested in playing in our Football Aid 2008 end-of-season Charity match at Goodison Park.You may have booked your place already or maybe even played in one of our games before?


Full details are copied below, and even if you aren’t able to take part this year why not check out our Goal of the Season 2007 footage here –




Finally, if a "moderator" or "admin" person was able to put this as a "sticky" message we'd really appreciate the extra support!









If you, like millions of others around the world, spend your Saturdays (or increasingly Sundays…) in the stand dreaming of your own footballing glory, then Football Aid is for you...


You'll get to experience what it would be like to be a professional footballer for the day: from arriving at the stadium, to pulling on the official kit, running through the tunnel onto the hallowed turf and finally to cap it all actually playing for your Team alongside Club Legends like Derek Mountfield, Graeme Sharp, Ian Snodin and Joe Parkinson.


So why not sign up with Football Aid now and make your dream a reality!


How to Purchase your Position


Option 1: Buy Now – Selected positions are available to Buy Now instantly at a fixed price.


Option 2: Sponsored to Play – Pay a non-refundable £100 deposit to secure your position and receive a Football Aid Sponsorship Pack full of ideas to help you fundraise your way to your Field of Dreams.


To see the positions available for your Team visit the Events and Matches page on the www.footballaid.com website, or for more information on how to buy your position just visit our Buying Guide.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please call us on 0131 220 5999 or email - info@footballaid.com


Thanks again,


The Football Aid Team

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I cannot recommend this enough, having had the opportunity to touch the Everton sign above me and then run out the tunnel to Z cars myself (in the first year this was run)..

..an absolute dream come true..


no to mention touring the stadium, seeing the posh boardroom seats, trophie room, changing in the Home dressing room.. even taking an energy drink from the fridge at half time (how many of my hero's have done the very same thing!).. etc etc .. amazing experience.. with the added bonus its all for charity.

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Do you have any pictures storm?


Sadly not, lost those when my old laptop gave up the ghost :(

I do however still have my unwashed named jersey hanging up complete with grass stains from the hallowed turf!.. there must be something special about our turf at GP cos those grass stains (and were talking yrs!) still look as fresh as the day i got them!.. :D .. it'll never be washed..


..oh yeah, i also have Thomas Myhre's very own squad shorts!.. apparently they ran out of goalie shorts so i was kindly given his B)

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