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Rhys Killer


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I know it's the sun but..




THE prime suspect for the murder of Rhys Jones is boasting that he gunned down the 11-year-old, The Sun can reveal.


The teenager threatened another lad, sneering: “Yeah, I shot him. So what? I’ll fill your face with lead too.”


Locals are horrified the thug is still swaggering around Liverpool’s streets.


One said: “Surely the police can do something, he’s laughing in their faces. Everyone knows he did it.


“He’s so cocky. When police cars drive past, he jokes that the ‘bizzies’ can’t prove he did it.”


And Crimewatch legend Nick Ross yesterday urged police to grant immunity for witnesses so they can slam the callous killer behind bars.


Tragic Rhys was shot in the neck in Croxteth Park, Liverpool, as he was going home from football training on August 22.


It is believed the Everton fan was an innocent victim of a vicious feud between gangs in Norris Green and Croxteth.


Police probing the murder have so far quizzed 17 people, including the teenager – whom we cannot identify for legal reasons.




But 12 people gave his name to Crimewatch UK after the BBC1 programme showed CCTV footage of a hoodie riding a bike on the night of Rhys’s murder.


Even before the shooting, the thug had been seen waving a gun out of the window of the house on the newly built cul-de-sac where he lives.


The prime suspect’s home is just a few hundred yards from where WAG Coleen McLoughlin grew up.


He also went to school with her fiancé Wayne Rooney’s younger brothers Graham and John.


He has not worked since leaving school and is said to make money by doing cannabis “drop-offs” on his bike for local dealers.


Nick Ross – who hosted Crimewatch for 23 years – said: “Detectives I speak to know who killed Rhys.


“He is banking on being untouchable. And so far he’s been right.


“Someone close to him must be prepared to grass him up in front of a judge and jury. We need to offer them immunity – loudly and up front.


“Think of Rhys’s parents Melanie and Stephen. Their son’s killer is still lording it around his estate.”


Meanwhile, cops are drafting in nine officers from neighbouring force Sefton for six months to help the probe.

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