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Could David Moyes bring success to this club?


I honestly have my doubts, although he has undoubtedly helped to keep us in the premiership these past few seasons. I think he is one of those managers who always seem to fail at the final hurdle, it happened while he was Preston manager as well, they always just seemed to miss out at the death. Our performances in europe were nothing short of abyssmal. I think he is really working flat out, to get what limited success we have had, while other managers seem to be cruising in overdrive while success seems second nature to them. I believe there are successful managers and unsuccessful managers, Moyes should lighten up a bit, he is always deadly serious, could you ever imagine him telling his players to go out and play within his instuctions but to enjoy themselves? i couldnt. Take Chelsea, we know they have endless amounts of dosh, but, their players seem to go out and play without a worry in the world, they work as hard as anyone but they also enjoy it. A top notch manager will have his players going out believing they are the best in the world, forget about the opposition, let them worry about us. Moyes has a collection of about ten screens in his office, he must have square eyes watching endless videos of opponents! Sling them in the skip Moyesy, and just concentrate on five a sides!

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Guest fozzie22

Umm,no i dont think that even chelsea amounts of cash DM could bring the type of success we all want.


He has stabalised the club to a degree,as you point out the performances in europe were a farce,but if you dont play there every season you cant learn,but i think its becuase he's a "british" manager,unwilling or unable to embrace the game as it is today,much like DM's mucker big sam from bolton(if he gets the england job god help us,he'll send the national squad back to the dark ages).


There have at times during the season been performances where he's looked hapless and helpless like a rabbit caught in the headlights,not knowing what to do,can you see fergie,rafa and jose doing the same at thier clubs?? i know i cant.


Granted he's been hamstrung by the clubs worst chiarman ever,but now he seems fearful for his job,we all knew we needed another striker,why didnt he say to the board gimme the money,ok there was a certain over spend in the summer,thats apperant now,but a striker should have been a number one priority from seasons end last year.


The thorny question over the goalkeeper is begining to raise its head as well,big nige IS starting to show his age,and his performances havent been as good as last season,yet we dont see the 2 younger keepers DMs signed just the clown wright,he frankly rates a one of the worst Everton keepers of all time.

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moysey has the potential to be a great manager. given the very limited resources we have, he's done a great job.


its generally recognised that last season we out-performed, i doubt if theres another manager in the premiership than could have done better with the squad.


yes, we need another striker. but we dont need any of the strikers that were available last year, with the possible exception of one m. owen. and can u imagine him EVER coming to Everton?


none of the others were serious contenders. i believe that in the coming summer transfer window there will be one or two available. andy Johnson of crystal palace would be a good signing for us.


ive just seen that lpool have signed robbie fowler on a free transfer. he would have been a good signing, but again, can u see him joining Everton?

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