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  1. L_Blue

    No Fellaini Vs Wolverhampton?

    I read about Fellaini's dental work last week and assumed it had been done before all of this kerfuflle. If I knew about it last week surely Advocat must have also known he was due for it. I don't really see the point in this anyway, we pay his wages it just smacks of spitefulness to me.
  2. L_Blue

    David Bentley

    Modric is an attacking left sided midfielder and Bentley is an attacking right sided midfielder. In our team we have Pienaar (who is a right footer) on the left. Also as we all know Osman is not a right mid but he gets played there as there is no one better. Jenas is a central midfielder so I don't think it's out of the question that Harry could play Bentley out wide left for them, I can't think of any other natural left sided players who could play out there except maybe Bale who is probably injured.
  3. L_Blue

    David Bentley

    Do any of you think that Harry might be less willing to sell now that Modric has broken his leg? Admittedly it's a fracture rather than a kind of Eduardo horror injury but still would mean he will be out for a while.
  4. L_Blue

    Wigan (Home)

    What do you mean time isn't on Jo's side? It's 3 games into the season and we only have 2 fit strikers, he is going to get his chance. Also thought Distin was better than Yobo today as you said Yobo makes too many silly mistakes.
  5. L_Blue

    Wigan (Home)

    Only thing is who will Moyes take out of the team Rodders played well so he shouldn't take him out. I would say Pip should be benched and play felli with Rodders holding but we all know as club captain Neville will always start. Could drop Nev to RB and drop Hibbo though I can't see Moyes doing that either.
  6. L_Blue

    The Worst Everton Player

    Stewart Barlow was terrible, and Gareth Farrelly was terrible too. Seriously the morning of that last match against Coventry I thought we were going down as Farrelly had played awful in every other game. 'That goal' was the only thing he ever did for us. The only one I questioned in my lineup was Madar, to be fair his scoring record wasn't bad admittedly he wasn't a good player but as a striker you judge them on goals. I think part of everyone's dislike of Madar comes from him being French and having stupid hair. I was considering swapping him with Tommy Johnson (even though he was only a loan)
  7. L_Blue

    The Worst Everton Player

    Surely everyone has made an Everton worst XI out of players that we have seen rather than simply having a best XI. Hard to name just one terrible player but my worst XI woould probably be: Baardsen Earl Barrett, Carl Tiler, Per Kroldrup, Mark Hottiger Claus Thompson, Mitch Ward, Gareth Farrelly, Scott Gemill John Spencer, Mikel Madar Subs: Paul Gerrard, Mark Hughes, Stewart Barlow, Alex Nyarko, Eddy Bosnar (never saw him play but thought he deserved a mention) Now if this was our team we would be challenging the top 4 this season!
  8. L_Blue

    Sylvain Distin

    Maybe we are being really clever and pretending to be after Distin so Villa gazump us which we knew they would because as soon as we show an interest in someone they show up. In the meantime we are actually going after Taylor/Shawcross/Huth instead. Doubt it tho, we don't seem smart enough to do that.
  9. L_Blue

    Alex Smithies

    Simonsen (Though this deal was very dodgy), Turner, Ruddy the list of young keepers that we ruin goes on. According to the Mirror we will sign Smithies link As someone else said any young keeper is mad to come to us. Also apparently Turner was shite when on loan at Forest and is now crocked again so I think he will be going. Don't know much about Ruddy though think he was on loan at Chester for a while and did OK.
  10. Also if you watch moyes post match reaction to the Arsenal game here he says even the two loan deals he had planned are now off. I read today that Almeida has said that one is off so I guess that might be one of them. Anyway pretty miserable news on the transfer front
  11. L_Blue

    Avd Meyde. What Do We Do With Him.

    Only 5 months or so till he does now.
  12. L_Blue

    Portsmouth. (home)

    Just got back from the game and have to admit certain parts were pretty shit but this finish in the bottom six is reactionary bullshit. Problems today I agree we need a centre mid but thought Rodwell did ok even though he wasn't very adventurous. Baines was exposed a lot defensively but there was a ten minute spell before their second goal where he put in some cracking crosses. Also people who have been saying play Lescott at LB I completely agree I don't give a sh*t about where he thinks he is best he is a liability at centre back. Jags needs to be back there but I can understand why Jags wasn't playing in defence because of our lack of options in Midfield. Also thought Arteta was out of the game for long long periods but I did think this was also a result of every attack we had going down the left. Sure there are problems and I doubt we will finish top six somewhere between 8 and 12 I reckon; but it could be worse we could be Derby.
  13. L_Blue

    Blackburn Rovers. (home)

    I assumed Vaughn was suspended and Jukewicz has looked a bit crap in the pre season games I have seen.
  14. L_Blue

    Blackburn Rovers. (home)

    This made me LOL anyway as I said elsewhere I reckon would play ------------Howard------------ Gosling-Jags-Lescott-Valente ------------Neville--------------- Arteta-Rodwell-Osman-Baines ------------Yakubu---------------- Bench Yobo, Baxter, Turner, and umm maybe Mr Testicles