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  1. Echo are reporting Barca want £18 mill for him and we have an option to buy. Bargain
  2. Going to be epic. Three hours long. I’m going to have to wait for the weekend as it will be too late for my boy to watch in the week 🙄
  3. He offers nothing in the build up, can’t win a header he’s just a good finisher in the box. He will do well in Italy if he goes there I think
  4. Funny the crowd singing fatty what’s the score fatty fatty what’s the score 😂
  5. DCL has to be in the mix for the England squad. Not that I’m arsed about England but it will give him the confidence to kick on for next season
  6. Ah sorry pal slow on the up take there
  7. Didn’t one of our players get done for that?
  8. I do like me some terry aswell tho
  9. I can’t see us putting a worse display than the Fulham game. Palace have nowt to play for so we should expect three points. 1-2 DCL and Gilfi pen
  10. When the ball bounced near salad I said to my step dad watch him dive. And the ref bought it
  11. Like I said before I can’t wait for next season. Zouma needs signing straight away
  12. He must get piss tested right? He’s just on another level. Don’t get me wrong Pete if your listening there was a couple of times his final ball wasn’t there but I can’t see him being here next year. He’s got 3 years at the top left
  13. Digne for me. Everybody was outstanding today though. Gilfi and Zouma close behind
  14. Fucking love it. Got a load of United mates they’ve been very quiet
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