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  1. I’m not doing our players a discredit at all we were brilliant but you can’t say West Ham were fucking awful
  2. I loved the performance today. But can I just say that was one of the worst performances I’ve seen from West Ham or any team
  3. Theo was brilliant today. So unlucky with that shot
  4. I agree. He was definitely on the same level as Morgan and Delph. Deserves to start next week
  5. I thought he looked very good. Defensively sound and got into good positions going forward
  6. I was torn between Yerry and iwobi. Went for iwobi for the impetus he gave us in the first half. Thought Charly led the line really well. I’ve never been a fan of his as a striker but we could have found our answer if he lays like this
  7. That is what I want from our team. I don’t want to see Morgan playing sideways. Every players first instinct was to play a forward pass. Bernie and digne made up for lost time. Sidibe was strong offensively and defensively. Iwobi in the first half was playing some great balls in between the centre backs and how refreshing was it to to see a midfielder breaking through for a one on one? Granted his finish was poor but it was great to see. Gilfi scores a great goal and that’s what we want. A squad. Not players guarenteed a game. Shout out to Theo aswell. He played really well
  8. Great performance. I know West Ham where shite but that’s what I want from us. Brighton next lets have it. Sidibe has a good game
  9. West Ham can’t be any worse second half. They will come out better.
  10. Final ball or shot is lacking.
  11. Iwobi is just what we need in that position
  12. He needs to play for me every game
  13. The star are reporting allegri is being sounded out 😂
  14. I might not even watch it that’s how down on us I am at the minute
  15. A few reports saying he wants out of Everton and will go in January
  16. God we’ve got a game next week 😫
  17. I Get it totally but he is a winner
  18. I’ll give that a watch. Going to watch the breaking bad film this weekend. Just been the pics to see the kids yeti film with the boy. It was ok
  19. England won’t win anything with that defence. Thought Keane was at fault for the first goal.
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