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  1. Var is shit I’ve said it from day one. Anyway I’ve posted before this. Cantwell at Norwich is a superstar
  2. I like DCl but let’s face it he going to score ten goals a season never mind the 20 we need
  3. That is a really good point. He hasn’t done it for me for his price tag. He needs to be dropped.
  4. Gilfi needs to do more and should play and DCl needs goals
  5. Lincoln are smashing it. Two consecutive play offs and three wins out of three in league one. They aren’t mugs and their management team would like us on their cv. Pickford coleman Keane Holgate Baines Morgan davies walcott Gilfi. Iwobi DCl
  6. If that’s not an incentive nothing is
  7. Looks like it should be kean from the start and DCl when the game is stretched and he can work the centre halves in the last twenty minutes
  8. We are going to be rusty I suppose. You have to take the positives. Two games two clean sheets. We beat villa and it’s not a bad start
  9. Kean looks a starter next week? Did he look sharp?
  10. Sidibe might not be fit, baines obviously isn’t and don’t even know if Gibson has a squad number
  11. We haven’t got 2 defenders to put on the bench evidently
  12. VAR is bollocks. Brighton just scored a worldly and it got chalked off because in the first phase of play someone was offside! 🤯
  13. Dawson is always a threat from set peices
  14. Gerry’s pace is going to be a problem today
  15. Doesn’t like to change much does he?
  16. Like others have said eventually we might be when players get up to speed and we get used to a different style of play. At the moment I don’t see how we can be better off without him.
  17. They couldn’t even sell their away allocation for the first game of the season! They aren’t a rival to me in any sense. Just hope JPG is up to speed and the crowd as right at it today
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