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  1. Are you talking about the kick that led up to Richarlisons goal or another one?
  2. Pin point? Fuck me bailey all he did was kick it into the channel. Hardly pin point. How about all the time he just booted it out of play in exactly the same position before that? Have some perspective
  3. Watching Bayern v Leipzig. Leipzig centre half is a beast
  4. Delph is back ................... just saying
  5. Just watching the sheff united game. I like that Henderson. Think he will be a keeper that is out on Loan for a few seasons until someone like spurs need a replacement
  6. He’s looking like a complete number nine. Today summed it up. He wasn’t involved much, but he could have had a hatrick. He’s got to be in the next England squad. And a nice new contract. Be nice him and Holgate in the squad
  7. Think city will be all over him. Just the player they need up front
  8. He played well against Newcastle aswell. Let’s hope it continues
  9. Yeah two goals for him when he didn’t have his best game would have done him good but he got his goal and put himself about
  10. If Jordan wants to be considered top class he needs to concentrate a lot more than he has been doing. It’s all well and good being a good “shot stopper”. He is paid to make those saves. His kicking game for which he was renowned for has gone missing aswell. I like the lad I want him to be here for a very long time and I’m happy he’s England’s number one but his game needs to move up a gear now. He’s reached a plateau for me and it’s up to him to see where he goes
  11. I think digne has been back to his best these last couple of games
  12. Not just his talent it’s his work rate. Really hard to get off the ball and he will not look out of place in any team in the world in another twelve months
  13. I don’t mean to be a knob but I can’t stand watching davies most of the time. He’s so slow and easily knocked off the ball. Arsenal are piss poor at the back and nearly as bad as us in the middle of the park. Not sure Carlo fancies Bernie away from home either. Pickford coleman Holgate. Mina. Digne walcott Gomes Morgan. Bernie DCl. Charly
  14. I’d have been fuming if I was a palace fan with Charlys goal. Four round him and they let him waltz through
  15. Carlo after the game said if I had to choose from a win or play well I’ll take the win. All day for that. We had a really poor twenty minutes where we would have folded under silva. The job Carlo is doing in unreal considering the midfield he has got to work with. I’ve got to say Keane was awful today. He needs to be sold in summer
  16. Only a matter of time 😎🤭🤐
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