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  1. He played like he only had one boot when he came on, nevermind a missing sock. Clearly totally unprepared. Thought he did alright second half once we got on top
  2. Richarlison head and shoulders. The difference between the two teams second half.
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Goodison yesterday, great to be back at the Old Lady, loved bouncing around with my lad for the goals and we won! First half was pretty poor tbh, Palace barely scraped average all game but we hardly imposed ourselves on them, the goal was brilliant work from Walcott and I felt for him getting injured shortly after, his career in a nutshell. After the break I thought we were going to throw it away, no idea what Pickford was doing for the goal and we looked rattled, Palace were snapping into tackles and not giving us any time on the ball, tbh they looked more likely to get a second. Then the game changed again on a piece of individual brilliance from Richarlison, great goal, and after that I thought we played our best football, Sigurdsson started to get on the ball and make things tick, even Sidibe started to be a threat on the right after looking lost coming on for Walcott. Easily deserved the second (great header from Richarlison!) and DCL should have added a fourth. Still think we lack quality in key areas, esp in midfield where we couldn't really dictate terms against a very poor Palace, but the mentality is very different to what it was under Silva and in Richarlison we have a genuine X-factor player who won us the game second half.
  4. Now Traore has added an end product to pure pace and power he has become an absolute beast. Neves gets a lot of attention but for me Jiminez is the one that stands out as gold dust, a genuine all-round centre forward who has got better for playing in the PL and added more goals to his game. Can imagine the likes of Man Utd, Spurs and Chelsea wishing they had him.
  5. Jiminez? Patricio? Dendonker? Jota? Doherty?
  6. Fair enough we all have our opinions but it honestly bemuses me that Everton fans still rate our squad. Put it this way - I don't rate Keane, Schneiderlin or Walcott, I didn't rate Tosun before he went out on loan, I certainly don't rate Niasse who has been getting minutes off the bench recently. The jury is still very much out on Davies, Iwobi and Delph, we have no idea about Gbamin, Bernard looks good in glimpses but fitness seems an issue, Coleman's best days look behind him and I don't see how we'll ever get £45m worth out of Sigurdsson. That doesn't leave me with much faith in the depth of our squad!
  7. OK, so what Wolves have done the past couple of years is all down to the manager, they've been lucky and have no squad depth - do you think we have a better squad than them then?
  8. I think the only position on the pitch we've been really stung by injuries is in CM. If we'd lost a centre half like Wolves have, we'd have really been in the shit because we literally have no cover there. Wolves have coped because they have better depth than we do.
  9. Steve I think Aidan's point is that you can't rely on the manager alone to improve the fortunes of a club. You have to get the right players in, and is there any argument that our recruitment hasn't been up to scratch the past 5 years? We've got a big summer ahead, I think we'll be slightly hamstrung by the amount of money we've spent previously pushing us close to FFP, so we'll have to be smart in the market. But regardless of Ancellotti's reputation, there's no way he's turning this squad into regular Europe/top 5 contenders. He will know that and will be prioritising shaping the squad his way, not just working with what he's been given.
  10. Wolves have a very good squad. And keep adding to it thanks to Mendes's influence.
  11. What about another question - do we want European football next season? Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love us playing in Europe, I don't for one minute downplay the Europa like a lot do, I see that as a stepping stone to the CL. But are we ready? The only club I can remember that hasnt seen league form affected by a Europa campaign in recent years, excluding those that expected to qualify for CL, is Wolves this season. And my honest opinion is we are a year off matching them on squad depth and quality. Yeah I want European football - but I still see us as having an under strength squad. Would it be right for us next year?
  12. Went to reacquaint myself with the pleasures of sixth tier football today - got a lesson in how not to defend crosses from my home town club Chester that put our incompetence under Silva in perspective! Went the game in York with a Watford fan, he was patting me on the head after their second goal went in, hahaha!! Looking forward to going to Goodison next week, my first trip with my three year old!
  13. I didn't say there was an £80m bid. I said 'looking to spend' which is an entirely different thing altogether 😉 and accurate or not, it's what has been reported in relation to several players. My point being, if Barca did actually like the look of Richarlison (and who knows really?), they wouldn't change their mind just because Suarez returns to fitness.
  14. You don't need to make a bid to have interest in a player.
  15. Klaasen could not handle the physicality and speed of the Prem league, end of. He's now plying his trade for a bottom 3 Bundesliga club and gets nowhere near the Dutch side. Why would he be good enough for us?
  16. Suarez is 33. There's no way Barca are looking to spend £80m on cover for 6 months.
  17. If Barca have come in for him, then let's face it his head will have been turned. We'd be mad to sell now but it will be one to watch in the summer. Sadly given the lack of activity this window I think we're also in a position where we need to sell to buy.
  18. My first experience at a kiddy football side when I was about 5, I was given a blue shirt to play in. I asked my dad who played in blue and, stupidly for a lifelong Liverpool fan, he said Everton and that was that. To be fair to him he never once tried to change my mind and even joined the family club and took me to Goodison several times a season.
  19. I remember there was a load of hype around him at Bayern, probably because he was their youngest ever player at the time I think. Seemed a bit of a coup Southampton signing him but I got the impression he hadn't really lived up to the early promise, although he's Saints' captain now at 24 and must be doinfmg sonething right as their turnaround this season has been impressive
  20. www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/everton-make-southamptons-pierre-emile-21348561.amp
  21. Despite the cluster fuck that is UK politics atm, I'm glad we don't have a TT cabinet in charge. No one here seems to get the idea of collective responsibility! No point singling out individual players, or saying it was all down to Ancellotti's subs - we're looking at repeated collective failings that will take time to work out. Swapping Silva for a decorated high profile manager was never going to be a cure all, the capitulation against Liverpool and spaffing away three points like that last night prove that. Ancellotti has to learn how to get the best out of these players, the players have to adapt and in many cases improve, Brands and the board have to working on raising the quality in the squad. In other words, more shit like this will probably happen before it gets better!
  22. I didn't see the game so I haven't got a view on which players fucked up and what kind of lack of bottle/leadership/basic footballing intelligence was shown on the pitch. We all know from experience that pretty much all of our players have been guilty of all of that at one point or another. But on the subs - I've never liked preemptive defensive subs, the whole 'take what we've got' mentality. It goes wrong so often, not usually from 2-0 up in injury time granted, but the amount of teams you see throw away a 1-0 lead late on following negative subs instead of trying to win the game tells its own story. If a team is all over you and looking odds on to score, sure, make a tactical change. But to make subs that change you're shape and approach when you're cruising, I just don't get it. Keep doing what is working and win the game. On fitness levels and whether we had to make the subs for that reason - well I hardly think Bernard has completed 90 mins for us yet and that's a problem. But he was taken off at 83 minutes, not 70. Surely he could have managed another 10, or if you must replace him go like for like with Gordon? Kean - well you'd have thought at 19 having just scored his first PL goal he'd have been buzzing enough to play a full 90, but it doesn't sound like that was much of a problem anyway as Walcott did OK up top. As much as different personnel and change in shape/tactics, negative substitutions make affect mentality. This group of players need a fire lit under them, the games Big Dunc was in charge showed that. We were complacent against Liverpool's kids and we took our foot of the gas thinking we'd won last night. That's something Ancellotti has to get a grip of, he's not at Real or AC Milan anymore with a squad of proven winners who motivate themselves to see out games. The signals he sends from the bench matter here.
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/34887539 Some differences but just as galling! I remember wanting Martinez's head on a spike that afternoon. I'm not quite so pissed off at this because I accept we're an average team atm and this season hasn't got anything on it for me.
  24. Well on the bright side if we'd held on we'd have been a point behind Sheff Utd and everyone would have been talking about Europe. We are nowhere near being ready for a a European campaign next season.
  25. Just because you have three subs to make doesn't mean you have to use them all.
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