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  1. Ask Ronald McClownface. How much did he and Walsh spend on 'replacing' Barkley with Klaasen and Sigurdsson again??
  2. DCL should have won us the game today with a slightly lucky brace (a charge down and a big deflection). But his work rate is absolutely different level. He ran, tackled, headed, hounded and pressed all over the pitch today, and was involved in most of our good football too. He's oozing confidence atm and rightly so, but the example every other player in our squad should take from him is his fitness and work rate. Turning himself into a legend.
  3. It didn't hit him, he moved his foot out the way so it didn't. And from what I can tell from the rule book, he wasn't 'active' either, because the rules distinguish between being 'in the active area', which he was, and 'being active' which means touching the ball or otherwise doing something to influence play. Sigurdsson was just sat there.
  4. To the point where the fucking clowns that officiate the game dont even apply the rules??
  5. Am I missing something or is it not offside if the ball comes off the defender, regardless of whether the player is in the eyeline?
  6. Disappointing. Man Utd were there for the taking after the goal but we've shown them way too much respect. Until DCL and Davies got booked we'd barely put a challenge in Pickford and Sidibe are walking mistakes atm.
  7. No Matic, Fernandes and McTominay is proper shite 😂😂
  8. He did OK but he doesn't look suited to play out wide. Quality delivery into the box is the best way to create goals, particularly with our first choice front two.
  9. Liked Ancellotti's honesty post match, we lost because we defended poorly. Being Italian I expect that will improve but I still think starting and sticking with Sidibe at RB was a mistake. I'd have rather see him played RM instead of Iwobi, he gets the ball in the box and Richarlison and DCL are terrifying defences when crosses are put in, we probably don't do it enough.
  10. Ah damn was just replying to Aidan on this and my post got wiped! He and Richarlison are carrying our threat atm without much support from midfield. Another day DCL scores 4, the only glaring miss was the sitter from 6 yards where he probably wasn't expecting the ball and snatched it, others were half chances he made and it just didn't quite go his way. Again, all top strikers miss plenty, look at Aguero and penalties, you wouldn't argue with his finishing though.
  11. Don't agree. Top players miss chances all the time but keep going. You can't knock him for his goalscoring last 3 months
  12. DCL did fantastic to get his head on that one just unlicky it didn't go in. Just not happening for us unfortunately, shame because we've played too well to get beat. Football can be a fucker like that.
  13. We've outplayed them here. Losing because of poor defending. Deserve a point at least.
  14. If he's the sort that doesn't fancy playing much football. Maybe he'll fancy a big pay day in China.
  15. You earn what people are willing to pay or you earn nothing
  16. I'd take the first offer from a Championship club that comes in for him in the summer.
  17. We wouldn't be losing this if Coleman was playing. Sidibe has had a nightmare. I know criticising Carlo is seen as sacrilege by some but unless Coleman is carrying a knock its a poor decision.
  18. Scruffy old goal but I'll take that! Their CBs are shiteing it as badly as we are defensively down the right! Could be an interesting 2nd half...
  19. Both goals down the right, Sidibe nowhere near good enough defensively. Looked totally in control too.
  20. He played like he only had one boot when he came on, nevermind a missing sock. Clearly totally unprepared. Thought he did alright second half once we got on top
  21. Richarlison head and shoulders. The difference between the two teams second half.
  22. Thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Goodison yesterday, great to be back at the Old Lady, loved bouncing around with my lad for the goals and we won! First half was pretty poor tbh, Palace barely scraped average all game but we hardly imposed ourselves on them, the goal was brilliant work from Walcott and I felt for him getting injured shortly after, his career in a nutshell. After the break I thought we were going to throw it away, no idea what Pickford was doing for the goal and we looked rattled, Palace were snapping into tackles and not giving us any time on the ball, tbh they looked
  23. Now Traore has added an end product to pure pace and power he has become an absolute beast. Neves gets a lot of attention but for me Jiminez is the one that stands out as gold dust, a genuine all-round centre forward who has got better for playing in the PL and added more goals to his game. Can imagine the likes of Man Utd, Spurs and Chelsea wishing they had him.
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