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Secretary Of State: Government Can Learn From Everton

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The newly installed secretary of state for Culture, Media & Sport Andy Burnell, the third in eight months praised David Moyes and even went as far as to say that the government could learn from Everton's example of stable management.


"Mr. David Moyes is probably a fine example to everybody in Government of stability and making the right decisions for the long term."



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Bloody Hell!


On a similar note a few days ago (meant to post earlier but forgot) I was listening to 5Live in the car and they were talking about wheelchair access at stadiums. Everton were continually used as an example of how to get it right....particularly the fact that they're still actively upgrading the facilities even though planning to leave Goodison in the near future. Liverpool season ticket holder (of thirty-five years, last two or three in a chair) phoned in and slagged off Anfield something rotten. Always nice to hear positive stuff about the club!

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