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Phill The Manc Is Turning Scouse

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This is what Everton are about for me, and when i read players saying things like this it makes me tingle with pride and smile like a fool :D


Especialy love the bit where he referes to when he was at United - Duncan & the Alamo, but now he knows it runs much deeper than the big man. Pat on the back Evertonians the players know what this means to us and are deeply affected by the way we never say die.


You are my Everton,

My only Everton,

You make me happy when skies are Grey,

You've never noticed how much i love u,

So please dont take my Everton away. B)



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Phill Neville is a scouser,

He plays for Everton,

And when we play the gotbshites,

He fuckin gets sent off!





In this article, I mostly like the last line about players staying fit - especialy BT - coz he's a sicknote...if you read between the lines that is!! :D

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