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  1. I hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive me for my heinous crime; I may have to start another self-imposed exile as punishment. Anyway, I phoned the box office this morning and they confirmed that it was fine to do so - apparently you are allowed up to 6 additional tickets. Cheers, DuncanmcK for your useful post. The rest, I will reporting you for inappropriate posts in an inappropriate thread...
  2. Evening folks - long time no speak. I'm not entirely sure where this should be placed; I've been out of the loop so long I'm not sure I remember the TT etiquette... Anyway, here is my -possibly in the wrong place- question: I'm looking to book tickets for my brother in-law for the QPR game. Now, on top of the tickets I have can purchase for my own season ticket seats, it has allowed me to book the two additional tickets. Is this allowed? For the customer name, it has just used my customer number again. So it a nutshell, can I purchase more tickets on top of my two season ticket sea
  3. Ian


    He's just homophoned your ass! (And yes, I did just create a new verb; deal with it, haters.)
  4. Mugabe has nothing on you Mike... Rotten to the core...
  5. I hope so; I think he's fantastic but I don't know if I'm ready for Malcolm Tucker as the Time Lord. Only time will tell I suppose. ... ... Thank you...
  6. But I like my shiny sheriff badge
  7. Peter Capaldi...interesting...
  8. I too suffered the indignity of losing my cyber steward privileges. It's an absolute outrage that can't I abandon the good ship TT for 3 or 4 years without having my awesome powers cruelly taken away. I am planning a coup if you want in? I'm going to find Goldy, Pat and Fozz and hopefully we can overthrow the hated oppressors and reclaim what is rightfully ours! Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George! .... Err anyway, nice to see you back.
  9. Cage is always good for a memorable quote: 'Why couldn't you put the bunny back in the box?' Classic.
  10. I can't stop listening to the Ruen Brothers recently. If you click the link below you can download it (legally!) for free. http://www.xfm.co.uk/artists/downloads/xfm-summerfest-download-5-the-ruen-brothers If you like it, I would recommend searching for 'Aces' by the same band; it isn't as catchy as 'Walk Like A Man' initially, but it's definitely a grower.
  11. I'm glad to see that the old girl is still going strong...
  12. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/may/08/jamie-carragher-england-world-cup-squad I'm not sure if this has been discussed but would you? Personally I think hes had his day. He retired (and rightly so I believe at the time - hes was the best English CB in my opinion at the time and wasnt given a sniff) at his peak and hes definatly past that now. Without bias, Jags should be there before him, as should Dawson, I think its clutching at straw meself.
  13. Ian


    All the best Bill, I hope your on the mend
  14. I'm loving Avi Buffalo at the minute - have a listen to 'whats in it for', great little song.
  15. Coleman once again in the thick of it today, playing a major role in Blackpool's equaliser (as well as standing up to some lanky chap!. I've seen him a few times for Blackpool and he puts in the same great shift that he displayed on the few occasions he did for us. I really hope Moyes wants to keep this lad, I think he's great little player and dare say it, hes better than Hibbert and Neville and that position. Maybe not in experience but I think he oozes class. Theres noting to say Moyes doesn't share this opinion, I just hope that he doesnt end up drifting away like some of the other
  16. What they didnt tell you is that Everton own Mobile Entertainment
  17. I like you fine Milky, stick around and put your point across, thats what its here for. (JUST DONT DISS MOYES, YOU UNDERSTAND! ARRRGHHHH) ahem
  18. Great shout on both of them Steve, I was gutterd we didnt try and get Cattermole when he went from Wigan (he left for under 5 mil didnt he!! ,) I think the right back position is a must, Neville can do half a job but we need a highier quality in that position in order for us to progress as a club. I would loan Vaughny out and sell Vic, hes strong but I don't see him cutting the mustard at us to be honest. Definatly need pace on the wing, a permanent move for Jason would be great but if not I think we need to look elsewhere; its certainly made a difference having a bit of speed to g
  19. Am I the only one finding this a non story? Moyes doesnt seem to care much for the NO.2 spot, under him we have never really had a solid no.2 (and that's inc. Tricky Dicky haha) It seems to me that if hes half decent then thats all that matters, which isnt neccasary a bad thing, Howard is a fine keeper. I don't think Ruddy and Turner will ever have the day sadly, I think one of them deserved a crack at it, even if it is as understudy to Howard. (You watch Mucha will end up being the new Buffon
  20. He didnt do much wrong, but he didnt shower himself in glory either. We know he can do better, his first start at Wembley has got to be pretty daunting but he came through unscathed in my opinion. I think he will go to the world cup, hes the best option for the LB slot, he just needs to be a bit more attacking minded. Who knows though, he might have been asked to play a little more defensive? (Great defensive header in the first half though, well done Bainsey )
  21. I do like the 9/11, Kennedy etc. conspiacies, I don't think I buy them but they are always interesting with some great ideas thrown into the pot. I've not heard about the Obama one, care to shed some light on it?
  22. hwah. There should be a one in one out rule, im back so, Milky, grab your coat....
  23. My last few books I read: Niave.Super - Erlend Loe (One of my favourites, superb book, I would highly recommend) Monster Love - Carol Topolski (a bit graphic for my liking, well written though) A millioin little pieces - James Frey (great novel, if Frey is telling porkies or not is a different matter, still brilliantly written ) Currently Reading: My Friend Leonard - James Frey
  24. hwaha, i thought he had really connected at first... I really need to get on with this disertation DAMN YOU TOFFEETALK I SHOULD NEVER HAVE COME BACK!!!
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