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Aj Sale Compounds The Current Situation

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The board just see £ signs!!


The logical thought process should have been.


1. 10.5 for an average stiker. Good Bid

2. Who can we replace him with

3. Bid for replacement.

4. Sign replacement

5. Sell AJ


What actually happened.


1. 10.5 bid accepted

2. Right we have got Yak fit, Vaughn touch and go cahill out vic in china

3. Lets sell him two weeks before the first game and worry about the replacement later.



How can we be run with such disorganisation.

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Blackburn lost their most important cog in Mark Hughes I would fear that they could implode this season.


I honestly beleive moyes must be wondering what he has to do to get some money? if he goes we will take 10 paces backwards

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Maybe the current situation with some transfer targets is being compounded by the fact they the selling clubs realise we are desperate....


ala MR Love if its true......


Hes due on mersyside for medical..... Hold on Everton are that desperate club from England......Lets hold them to ransom

Same with Mountino poss

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