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Jimmy the blue

Alan Wiley: His Performance Last Night

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I have always been a big critic of this guy because in the past he has made some dreadful decisions against us and I would expect him to make more in the future. His performance in last nights game, and yes he did book five blues, I thought was very good. The sending off of Lucas was the correct decision, the first yellow card was for persistent fouling not just one tackle. He seemed to make some allowance for the passion and spirit which these encounters engender, that was a pleasant surprise.


Out of the three derbies all the refs did well, yes even Steve Bennett with Webb being the best of the lot


What do you think of the refs performances over the three matches

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Strangely I thought last night's game was the easiest of the 3 to ref, and Lucas's foul on Lescott was a no-brainer so an easy call to make. That said, Wiley did OK. Webb is clearly the best ref around right now.

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