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Wyness And Bradley Speak Out

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Full text of Liverpool Council leader Warren Bradley's response to former EFC chief executive Keith Wyness

By David Bartlett on May 15, 09 07:00 AM


Today we've published a story about former Everton FC chief executive issuing a stinging attack on Liverpool Council leader Warren Bradley.


Below are the letter from Keith Wyness and Warren Bradley's response.


Keith Wyness's letter: I write in response to the article of May 11th regarding the waste of £265,000 by the city in fighting the Everton/Tesco Kirkby planning application.

In the article Warren Bradley states that Everton "had already boarded the train with Knowsley Council and Tesco at that point". This is simply not true.


Everton went to see Mr Bradley on several occasions to ask the city if there were any options available within the city.


The city even commissioned a report which showed there was nothing that was deliverable.


However it appeared to be a very half hearted effort. Cllr Anderson is correct in saying that this money would have been better spent on a creative,genuine effort to find alternatives within the city.


Mr Bradley, in my opinion acted poorly throughout the whole process and I believe the city deserves much better in terms of Leadership.


Warren Bradley's response: "I am extremely surprised and disappointed by Mr Wyness's comments, which are extremely unfair and misleading, and come some time after he left the club.


"Anyone who knows me knows my passion for Everton Football Club. It is the team I have supported all my life and I have had a season ticket for 35 years.


"There is no-one more than me that wants them to build a new stadium within the city boundary, and Mr Wyness knows it. His comments about my leadership are completely baffling, unfounded and insulting. He knows my desire to see the club succeed and we have bent over backwards to help them.


"The statement 'the train has left the station' came from him and others at the club during many hours of discussions I had with them about sites in Liverpool. I have records of all these meetings.


"Prior to my leadership, the Kings Dock stadium was offered to them, but I understand they couldn't afford it and for that reason the scheme failed.


"Following that, we explored realistic options for sites. But it was the way they wanted to fund the development that was the stumbling block. They wanted to use a huge amount of retail, which is simply a non-starter in a big city because of the damage it would do to neighbouring shopping areas. Government rules simply don't allow it and it would have been thrown out by planners.


"Instead, we advised them to look at alternative ways in which they could develop a site, such as raising funds through a share rights issue or using a greater mixed use scheme. They either could not or would not do that, and so decided to pursue the Destination Kirkby scheme.


"I have also tried to get both Everton and Liverpool around the table to have a sensible discussion about a ground share within the city, so they can spend their money on the team rather than two separate infrastructures. But the clubs simply do not want to explore that option.


"On the issue of the cost of the planning inquiry, the city council is objecting to the size and density of the retail development and not the football stadium. We are not alone in doing this as three other local authorities are objecting for exactly the same reason. We would have incurred these costs regardless of whether Everton FC were involved."

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Such as?


why he quit without making giving any public indication why

his reasons behind selling everything the club owns (and renting them back)

the out sourcing of the majority of matchday resources (sudexho ran the catering of the club, we brought them 36,000 customers every other week, yet we paid them for the pleasure, great deal)

the company he used to arrange european travel leaving fans at john lennon airport, they soon went bankrupt.

our turnover going down from around £58m to £51m, and profit going from £3.5m down to a loss of £500k, in one season!

and the general mess he left behind for Robert Elstone to clean up (if anyone meets mr elstone ask him about the state HE thought the club was in when he took over as acting CEO)


considering he was the man brought in to run the "business" side of things, even his past record was a mess.

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