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Is Permanent Deal With Donovan Possible?

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Do you know if it is possible?



Yes its possible, he wouldnt be the first player in the world to be sold while under contract now would he?


I heard an interview with him on Radio City and when asked about the possibility of him staying beyond March he sounded quite open to the idea but said that was something for the clubs/MLS to sort out

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The only difference is that the MLS, not the galaxy, own the rights to Landon Donovan's contract since the collective bargaining agreement governs player contracts. Since the MLS sees Donovan as their golden boy and ambassador for the league, maybe even more so then Beckham, I don't believe they would ever let him go on a transfer since he is worth more to them than to us.


That being said Donovan has openly criticized the CBA and if it all falls apart on Jan 31 who knows?

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