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Moyes On Aj Pre-match...

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Moyes was interview pre-match on Sky PremPlus. The beginning of the interview went like this.


Interviewer: So, David, what is wrong with Andrew Johnson?

MOYES: INJURED. (smirks)

Interviewer: What is the type of injury?

MOYES: HAMSTRING. (smirks even more!)


The interview then continued. Although brief, this interview got me thinking. I honestly do not believe at this point that AJ is actually injured. I can only think that he would say that AJ is injured to save him for Wednesday v Man U.


Any thoughts? opinions?

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Or maybe DM has dropped him in the hope that will spur on more goals when he gets back into the side .


He hasnt been playing at all bad but has missed a fair few sitters of late and maybe he just needs a bit of a kick up the ar5e .

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I too have it down for at most a draw, although watching Man U against Chelsea today, I fear the worst. They are looking a little bit special in my honest opinion.


However that said, we do tend to step up our game against the larger clubs. Fingers-crossed on both a result, and the fitness and availability of AJ. I just hope that McFadden keeps the desire to play that he seemingly had on Saturday.

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