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Well Done

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Im a reds fan (i come in peace)


Just wanna say well done for your draw yesterday. We've failed to score past you this season, and you deserved the point yesterday


The "small team" remark IMO has been hyped up to much. I think he meant teams out of the "big boys" will defend. Rafa should know this, and should have picked a system that could break it down, and failing that, he shouldn't have waited so long to change it. And even when he did, it wasn't much of a change.


At least the defeat (well it feels like it) ;) will wake our lot up to relise we are few players short of a PL winning team.


Ah well, had been looking forward to this game since you stuffed us a Goodison, and we totally flopped yesterday...bring on next season




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Loads like us mate. We just happen to have a lot of knobs who think they know it all and will chat total shite.


If you visit liverpool fan sites you'll prob find the people the slate our own players, are the ones that have no clue.


e.g. "sell kewell"....but why. He's probably the only player we have that in genuinly (sp) creative, and win a game out of nothing. The poor sod has never been injury free since he joined us. Thats not his fault. We even sacked our club Dr cause of the fuckin around with kewell.


He's had ops on all his problem areas over the summer, and i just hope he comes back and hows us his leeds form and shoves the shite being spouted down the throat of the fickle fans inc those cunts in the media

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