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Well It Made Me Laugh

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Ian    3

Just read an article on the official website, Phil Neville talking about how Moyes and Ferguson are similar

Neville told evertonTV: "They have both got unbelievable work ethics, they are both Scottish, they are both driven, they are both probably from working class backgrounds and his passion for the job is the same passion that Sir Alex Ferguson has got.


:lol: I dont see how that fits in with anythin else he talks about but it made me laugh so well done phil :D

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I like the fact that an ex manure player seems to have such a healthy respect for Moyes tho' he talkes about him being involved at every level of the club and I think thats good. I'm a critic of Moyes tactics lately but in all honesty my view of this club is going back to the imovable optimism of old.


Moyes is an "apprentice" (premier league) manager who has steadied the ship and moved us forward!


We should exhaust every possibility of staying in the city & BK should get his arse into gear and sell our club to the someone with the capability to bring us the stadium we deserve and help us develop the team past that European "nearly there's" position we're in now!!

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