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World's No1 Tactician does it again

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Beneathus yet again - Martin Jol tells the world that he is keen on bringing Kuyt to spurs and....you guessed it....


Rafa the Robber (to his mates) jumps in and registers his interest.


have the RS lost their scouts or something? Can they not find their own players?


Thought Beneathus was supposed to be this amazing manager - with loads of contacts...


so far the shite have signed spains no.2 goalie, a left winger with cruciate ligament damage - injured until Jan 06, a young midfielder that is headless (sissoko) and then rejects first option on Owen - what a manager he is!! Top quality!

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Didn't Beneathus try and but him at the beggining of the summer?? Im sure he did but decided that 7 million was to much, then promptly went out and spent the same ammount on Peter Crouch :)


Get the feeling that Houllier has left his mark on all rs managers as far as "quality" rip offs are concerned??? :P

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