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January Signings

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Having watched each game this season - albeit on Supersport in South Africa and not at the live games - I stringly feel that we need to strenghten in the following positions:


Right Back - Hibbert gives 100% but he is awful going forward!!


Left Midfield / Wing - Arteta is far more influentuial in the centre of the park and to play him outwide on the right is a waste. His performance against Charlton highlighted this. Therfore a fit VDM must play on the right - which is his natural position leaving us short of quality on the left.


Striker - We need someone with pace and an eye for goal to partner BT. He seems to be getting back to form and with the right strike partner he return to form should continue.


Admittedley there are other areas which need strengthening but for now these are the most vital if we are to push for a top 10 finish.


Here are some suggestions on who we could bring in to fill these problem areas:


Right Back: Carr (Newcastle), Volz (Fulham), Johnson (Chelsea).


Left Midfiels: Boa Morte (Fulham), Van de Vaart (think he is at Hamburg).


Striker: Johnson (Crystal Palace), McCarthy (Porto).


In my opinion we should bring in - Carr, Van de Vaart and McCarthy.


Realistically I think we could get all three.

Carr is out of favour with Souness, Van De Vaart would surely see a move from Bundesliga to the EPL as a step up and Benni has always wanted to paly in England.


Bring in those three finish top 10 then in the off seaon bring in the following to push for top 6.


Niemi, Upson, David Dunn, Dean Ashton.

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personally i wouldnt replace hibbo with any of those 3, they may be better goin forward, but in a defencive manner i dont think they are as strong. hibberts crossing is (slowly) improving.


i like your suggestions for a left winger, but id rather buy a right winger, as when vdm turn on a full back they cant do anythin about it.


again, good shouts with your strikers too.


welcome to the site

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