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Rumours Re: Nurenberg Tickets

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I don't know if anybody has heard this but apparently the club were offered 4,600 tickets from Nurenberg. They've returned 2,000 leaving 2,600.


Apparently aproximately 6,000 are expected to make the trip over. Seems like a bad decision?


If it's true possible conclusions -

  • the club don't want any trouble in Germany so limiting the number of fans who can gain entry to the ground.
  • they have only purchased enough to cover their own official trips and because a ticket is guaranteed they can charge what they like?

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Just received another email:


There are strong rumours that ...


a) Everton returned 2000 tickets to Nuremberg out of their 4700 allocation because the Club believed they would not sell them and they had to get the tickets on a "no return" basis.


B) Everton sold 200 tickets (which they had promised to Everton Travel for their executive "jaunts") to other people and now 200 people on the executive schedule have 5 star hotels, 1st class travel but no fucking tickets for the game.


Again.. don't know how much truth is in it

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