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  1. recommended these the other day: http://www.myspace.com/thewhiphand they're playing in town on 12th March. found their older stuff as well, changed name from Ji: http://www.myspace.com/jiworld bit heavier on the old one. good stuff. listening to Hundred Reasons again today. first two albums are great, have to catch up with the newer stuff.
  2. After The Black Spiders and The Datsuns live, shuffle now presents me with............. Dick Dale and His Del-tones - Misrlou
  3. I like some of the very early Placebo myself. Tip for a new band from Liverpool (mostly): www.myspace.com/thewhiphand (as far as I know, one blue, and 2 don't cares..........)
  4. The Datsuns - preparing for seeing 'em at the Barfly tonight...... \m/
  5. Chuckie Egg - spectrum. X-Com (UFO) - Enemy Unknown - PC. you can get the X-Com one from Abandonia now. great site that. loads of games which the owners have made free.
  6. depends what you're into, but there's something for everyone. Guitar Hero 2 (GH3 and Rockband on the way) Project Gotham Racing 4, Forza 2 Orange Box (not from personal experience, but highly recommended by fps fans I know) and if you want a couple of underrated crackers that'll probably be cheap to pick up: Chromehounds Flatout: Ultimate Carnage
  7. his diving videos on youtube are well funny. and the new Chelsea? absolutely. As soon as Mourinho went, Benitez changed from talking for ages and saying absolutely nothing, into a full on bs machine.
  8. horrible idea. nothing to do with sport, just pure marketing.
  9. is it any good? been playing managerzone recently. it's pretty good. suppose everyone's waiting for FM Live next year though eh?
  10. I've not played offline games since CM2 (or was it season 00/01??). I got into playing online games about 3 years ago, and really looking forward to the online version of FM, which is due early next year. Seen this one: virtual manager but there isn't much info, just want you to register first. Anyone know if it's any good? When they do get FM Live running, we should get any toffeetalkers that want to play into the same world, and see how good we all are.
  11. strange. this is where I saw it (it's in the 24th July section): transfer info
  12. Not heard much about him other than a couple of mentions here. I guess he didn't make the grade then?
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