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  1. Agreed! I bought the Batman Special Edition which came with alternate skins for both Batman/Catwoman and I haven't actually changed them, they look boss how they are.
  2. Metro 2033 is very mediocre. £3.74 is £3.00 too much.
  3. Rage is boss. I'm saving it though for when I have Skyrim boxed off so that I can give it the time and love that it deserves.
  4. dark


    Pissed off we didn't see Vellios today, drove down to Goodison earlier than normal so I could run into the megastore and pick up and shirt with his name on :@ !!
  5. Drenthe closely followed by Straq. For me the moment Drenthe came on he looked like scoring and seeing him play reminded me of how we used to be. A team that ran at teams and scared the shit out them whilst banging in a few goals. Should have started the game ahead of Cahill IMO. Also, for the 4 or so minutes that McAleny got he looks like a good player for the future
  6. Just wanted to post that this is the main reason that I've stopped posting as much on here. There are a lot or real nice people on this board but too many of the threads on here that I see have turned into childish arguments. Hope this place can back to the way it was when I joined because then it was boss
  7. I guess its not that bad then for the price its just that it looked like a class game from all the trailers/gameplay footage but when I rented it it turned out to be really, really bad. Hope you like it though
  8. Will still be a 4-5-1 formation though surely we've got to be looking at a 5-0 against Tamworth?
  9. dark

    Stoke (home)

    Fuck me that was bad! Referee was pretty awful today, every single time that we whipped a ball into to the box there would be arms all over Felli which would be ignored and some of his corner/throw in/offsides decisions where beyond a joke. What pisses me off about Everton these days is though how whenever we go forward we always play it wide rather than going through the centre, I've not seen a chance this season where we have had our striker one-on-one with the keeper its always a cross from the side which does nothing at all. We never looked like scoring today and at home that's just not good enough in my book. Moyes again needs to take some of the wrap for today. Negative football and I can't see why when we are 1-0 down he decides to take Vellios off. When we need goals we should be leaving our strikers on the pitch, the fact that Cahill didn't get taken off is beyond a joke (probably the worst player on the pitch - did nothing) Once again coming home from Goodison dissapointed. Oh and regarding the boo's at Sorenson I did think it was quite harsh. The crowd were wound up about the officials but Cahill did seem to give him a whack and it looked like the guy was pretty bashed. I myself didn't boo nor did the people around me, it seemed a bit cruel to boo someone that had such a bad injury.
  10. I like Charlie Adam as a person and always have and that's why I was so gutted when he went to Liverpool because I knew I'd have to start trying to hate him But I agree Rodwell looked as if he was going to punch the ref's lights out (which I would) but Adam got him away from it and it's just aswell because whether its a foul or not the FA would ban Rodders for his abusive behaviour. And regarding the appeal Moyes said on the radio that he dosen't want to appeal because 'It wont change the result and we need to move on and I dont want to get in any more trouble with the FA' Something like that ^
  11. Buses piss me off. Vile creatures they are.
  12. I dont know the rule exactly but its something like; You can go in with as much force is needed so long as you take the ball and dont show any intent to injure the player. Based on that judgement its not a foul, he slides in at a normal speed and takes the ball cleanly, if you look at his head he's looking past LS at where the ball has hone so no malicion. (sp)
  13. The only part that touches Suarez is his knee, which obviously is going to be there by accident. I'd love the FA to actually do something about Atkinson because he's an absolute bellend but of course they won't because we must have 'Respect for the Official'. After that game I have no respect at all for the match officials.
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