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Lottery Syndicate


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Hi everybody!


on the betting site i post on were starting a lottery syndicate but it is taking bloody ages to get enough people together!


we need 28 people but currently have 26 therefore i'm trying to recruit 2 people.


the idea is we'll have 28 lines using an 8 number mathematical perm. if you don't know what i'm on about then basically it means we have every combination of the 8 numbers selected.


This means that if 3 balls come up you would have 10 winning lines and so would win £100.


Cost is just £9 per month, paid quarterly at £27 per month.


A joint account is set up and an agreement is signed by all members (electronically).


If your interested then take a look at http://www.online-betting-guide.co.uk/forum/topic4_7122.html


or PM me for any more details.

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