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A New Signing At Last

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wanted by numerous premier league clubs including RS, Everton have made their first summer signing............




No Share-ing this star of the future

Ailsa Cranna

21/ 8/2008



MERSEYSIDE giants Liverpool and Everton have been battling for the signature of an eight-year-old prodigy from Clifton.


But the red half of the city were left disappointed after Taylor Share signed for the Toffees.


Taylor was also offered places on the junior squads at Blackburn Rovers and Bolton Wanderers but it was never a tough choice for the budding star.


The Clifton Primary School pupil said: "It wasn't really a tough choice because Everton are my favourite team.


"I'm really excited and have told some of my friends and they are very pleased for me.


"The only sad thing is that, because I have to devote myself to training with them, this means I'm going to have to resign this week from my local club, Beechfield United under-eights.


"I've had some really good times with Beechfield and I'm going to miss all my mates, but they've promised me a club shirt signed by all of them.


"That's something I will treasure a lot and it's going to take pride of place in my bedroom."


Taylor has to resign from Beechfield because from September he will have to travel to Everton's grounds three times a week for training.


He lives Galloway Drive, Clifton with his parents Darren and Paula and his younger brother Finley, three.


Proud mum Paula, 40, said: "Taylor has been playing football since he learnt to walk at the age of 10 months.


"He never bothered with normal toys - it was always just a football.


"We are all very proud of him, even his father, who is a closet Manchester United fan.


"It's going to be a huge commitment for him to train three times a week - and for us as well because we will have to drive him there.


"But he can't wait to start and I'm sure he will make the most of his opportunities."


Keith Long, secretary of Beechfield United, said: "We are very glad for Taylor, and any other youngster who does well from our club.


"It is also a great honour for the club itself.


"We hope Taylor goes far, and, though we are sorry to lose him, he is welcome back at Beechfield any time he wants."

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Lookin at the article and his quotes... hes a very well spoken 8 year old to


I were thinking about same. If hes really that grown up for 8y old he has to have some brains also. It was good to read finally our first signing for this season aswell, even hes father might be a closet manu fan ^^

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