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Hello lads, just wanna say good luck to Everton this season. I do follow them somewhat even though I am a big Arsenal fan.


I have been to Goodison quite a few times with my friends from Liverpool and one of last years derby's. It was a memorable experience. Two lads next to us were Kopites so they had their asses beaten and thrown out of the Everton side! Lots of room for us ;) .


Anyway, I do try to follow Everton too and I like the way the club is run, lots of tradition and proper football. Moyes has done a good job with the club and im pleased he got atleast one player in! I dont think loosing Johnson is too big a deal as although he is good Yakubu seems to be the man! Feed the Yak and he will score. Howard is a legend between the sticks. You seem to get the basics right. I will plan on coming up to see Everton again sometime this season so just wish you good luck, not too much though as I dont want you finishing abouve the Gunners! :lol:

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Hello Nuno, Welcome to the site mate, dont be afraid to join in any of the debates that go on cos we like to see a Non Blue point of view. :)


Well id probably say im a quarter blue! ;) . I just hope Saha for you pays off, Everton are a very consistant side, I just wish more players would come to the club. The foundation is there, you just need those extra few special players. What are the finances like at Everton? Im not sure how much you have available.

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