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Well Played Hull City!

Blue 250

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So!.......We should have thrashed Hull City on Sunday!..Why?


If we HAD beaten them by the predicted (by some) 3-0, just because they are the new boys to the prem, don't have as much money as us and because our players are bigger names than theirs, then what chance have we against the "so called" big 4?


I'ts an insult to the new boys to expect them to roll over against teams like us, should WE just roll over to teams with more money, or bigger named players than us?


Stoke beat Aston Villa, neally did the same to us and held luckypool at anfield.


Hull have had some great results.........and it's thoes results by these teams that mean money and big name stars are not always enough.Newcastle, spurs, Portsmouth etc should be above Hull, surely we should be above Hull!.....bullshit!You get what you deserve, and while stoke can go to anfield and hold luckypool and Hull can beat Newcastle, then there is still hope for the game.


Otherwise lets just give Man City the trophy now.


Were not doing too great at the moment though are we!.....I'd say trying to bed down two new midfield players, who are finding out all about the speed of the premiership and the passion, along with a getting back to his best Cahill is what's causing us problems, sure were leaking goals, but before opponents can get at the back four, they have to get through midfield.


Confidence is massive! I bet Stoke and Hull aren't short on that at the moment, where as We Spurs, Newcastle and a few others could do with a bit.


We can lose to Hull and we can beat Man City......if that statements not true, then that will be the end of football as it should be.


David Moyes, and all the players at Everton, work hard on the training pitch, don't live on reputation, your only as good as your last game.


Well played Hull City and Stoke City, whilst you can beat the big boys there's hope......for all of us!

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