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  1. In the papers a couple of days ago was a story about Dave Thomas (Everton winger of the 70's).He looked pretty fit, problem is he's slowly going blind.He was pictured with his guide dog, infact the story was to raise awareness of his condition and the need for guide dogs. Interestingly mentioned that at every medical he had during his football days eyesight was never something checked.( guess this must be the same for the refs !). The article got me thinking back to the 70's and Dave of moulded studs and socks rolled down fame, flying down the touchline, sticking the ball directly onto La
  2. Oh dear Billy, wrattled you a bit ! You're only subjective about him know because he's made you look a twat, wipe the egg off your face and get ovet it.Just waiting for him to make a mistake so you can jump on him is embaracing, grow up. At the moment any story about Everton just about always revolves around Lukaku and just about everyone on here wants a team built around him.Evertonians want him to stay......you'd rather he left I'll say no more. I thought you were a Wigan fan ! Shall we start the who's been to the most Everton games before Lukaku was at Everton ? you'd lose.
  3. Read it and weep Billy ! There is no bigger name at Everton than Lukaku, you might have wanted him shipped out for a loss because you couldn't see his quality, and you've waisted years slagging him off, but when I talk Everton to any football fan at the moment.........it's Lukaku they are interested in and maybee the manager, but mainly Lukaku. Seems most on here want to build a team around..........LUKAKU ! Someone quote this so Billy can take a squint.Should be worth another 2,000 posts about how Lukaku turned a corner because he took his (Billys) advice. Oh, let's save him s
  4. Not looking forward to the day an £80million bid comes in, at the moment Everton is 'Lukaku'.......not Baines, Coleman, Barkley etc, whilst they 'are' good players, it's kind of all about Lukaku.Would be brilliant to build around him, but ask yourself, why wouldn't a mega rich team see £80million for a 23 year old who will improve as a bargin. We will have to show huge ambition to keep this lad, maybe we can do it.Signing a new contract doesn't mean he will stay, we need to remember that. There has been some Bullshit written about him, but most could see what he was capable of, well do
  5. We've still got to play the rs, could be the game that makes all the difference.
  6. Afraid my wife's niece used to do this, buy tickets for any event then sell them on, pissed me off.She was certianly one to spot an opportunity, during the Wimbledon tennis tournament she used to vacate her house and rent it out to the players, had some big names stay and made some good money.Her husband was related to a 'player' wife danced with him before a big match, trod on his foot......and he lost the game, I always blamed her for that ! Back to 'ticket touts', should be stopped.
  7. Great cross from Rom, is there anything he can't do !!
  8. Noticed that piece of music was composed in 1878.........that was two good things that came from that year then.
  9. Very good, my radio is usually fixed on classic fm. Are you the artist as well, spotted some paintings in the background.
  10. Robles and Davies should hold their place in the starting line up until they let their form slip.
  11. I played striker, and I'd do just the same just to wind up a team mate, tell them I got the last touch right up till the end, then come clean......I'd say he was joking. Who cares who scores them..........WE WON 4-0 !!!!
  12. He's looking part of the team, don't drop him till he has a bad game, simple.
  13. Come on, he has made up for it by mentioning Lukaku 210 times for trying to steal Davies goal from him. Can't remember which pundit it was who said a good forward will always try and get the last touch.There could have been a City defender just behind him to clear it off the line, then he would have been slated for not having a killer instinct.
  14. Looks like one of the ball boys. Hope he's allowed to stay up late and watch MOTD.
  15. Great victory today, and still the prick tries to stick the knife in Lukaku. Obviously hate has no boundries.
  16. Davies, good game, great finish. Great run for the goal, ont only that, he was knocked on his arse and he still got up and chipped it over the GK.
  17. Great result, all these young lads coming through will help Ross.
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