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Yikes ... Just Noticed Jan - Feb Fixtures

Guest efctaxi

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Guest efctaxi

Yikes ... Just noticed Jan - Feb fixtures :o


If we are to stand a chance of catching Villa ( or 5th place ) , then we are gonna need to pull out a little miracle looking at our forth coming matches in early 2009 .


Remaining matches in 2008 :


Everton v Chelsea


Middlesbrough v Everton


Everton v Sunderland


Followed by ( forget Cup ) 2009


Everton v Hull


Liverpool v Everton


Everton v Arsenal


Manchester United v Everton


Yikes :lol:


Our season could be over after the first match in February unless Villa have a nightmare over Christmas period , so let's hope their bubble has been well and truly burst tonight against Hamburg :)


Villa have ... 2008 :


West Ham v Aston Villa


Aston Villa v Arsenal


Hull v Aston Villa




Aston Villa v West Brom


Sunderland v Aston Villa


Portsmouth v Aston Villa


Aston Villa v Wigan


Anyone thinking what I'm thinking ?


How are we going to get through these matches , and still be in with a shout , without a little shopping ?

And anyone who comes in , will be in the deep end with Zilch time to settle :P


Another injury and we're in the hot and sticky .


I repeat ........... yikes :D


Here's looking forward to the best period in Evertons footballing history ........... or we're dooooooooooooooomed lol :lol:

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I think that we could pull something out of the bag and get a draw from Chelsea and we should be able to beat Boro, Hull and Sunderland. Just dont see us taking much from the top four. We always do well against Arsenal, so we could get something there.

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Not really worried to be truthful although Villa are a good team they are far from unbeatable and will lose points in those fixtures. We may have a slightly tougher schedule in those months but Villa still have to face those teams further down the line.

After the fixtures you have listed we play:











H-Man City






After the fixtures you mentioned we have an easier run of things and like i said Villa still have to play the top teams further down the line which will benefit us more then anything. We can concentrate on the league whereas Villa are still in Europe and will have a far busier schedule then ourselves so by rights we will aslong as we can stay as injury free as possible have fresher legs in the up and coming months. We saw how it took its toll on are own players last season and like us Villa do not have a huge squad so hopefully it will take its toll.

The same can be said of Hull a small squad who will start to run out of gas in my opinion as well as they are doing i can not see them being able to hold up there for the rest of the season. If you consider the very poor start we have had to the season and the way we where playing to be only 6 points off Villa and fourth spot if we can grind a few results out and keep playing how we have of late we will do fine.

Dont worry Taxi 5th will be ours :D

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