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The Rs Rejects St. Helens Approach

Guest Reg Reagan

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Guest Reg Reagan

Liverpool FC have rejected ESL club St. Helens approach for a groundshare at the New Anfield which construction has started but currently halted due to the financial difficulties at Anfield.


It is believed that St. Helens are looking at playing their marquee games at the New Anfield due to the inferior capacity of 17, 000 at Knowsly Roads.


St. Helen's bid for a groundshare with Everton at Kirkby was rejected due to Everton's financial cost of the stadium.


Liverpool FC chairman Rick Parry has not yet ruled a groundshare with ESL club St. Helens unless St. Helens can meet the requirements to play at the New Anfield.


"I'm very good friends with Eamonn McManus", said Rick Parry, "I have been to a few St. Helens game last season."


"There is no doubt that a day out to Knowsley Road is a very family friendly place to go to. And there is no doubt that Rugby League in the UK, especially here at Merseyside, that is growing at very fast rate."


"George Gillet and myself have spoken to Eamonn McManus about the possibility of St. Helens playing their Marquee matches at the New Anfield stadium in future."


"But because of the huge capacity of 61, 000 and the possibility of having to pay rent, pay for ground maintenence, and the possibility of not making any money through gate takings and game day advertising, it does not sounds very profitable for a Rugby League, plus changing the field markings and the field dimensions is the other huge difficult task," said Rick Parry.


Eamonn McManus is hoping to the share the ground with Liverpool FC and play their ESL Marquee matches at the New Anfield.


"We haven't ruled anything yet," McManus told to the BBC, "at the moment we are still talking but we will have our next meeting in February to see the outcome of Liverpool's financial situation with their owners and the creditors."


McManus has been asked about a possibility of a new ground in the future.


"Well we are still opened about our options, Knowsley Road is a fantastic little ground for both Football and Rugby League but with the continueing growth of our fan base and especially the growth with our season memberships, we have to look at other options."


George Gillet has declined to comment

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