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TT Tip: Football Manager 2006


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relaese after NT4 is the Current stock Standard (NTFS) file system Andy, in the popular windows o/s of the moment.


True 32 bit.


Windows 95,98,me were but 32 bit extensions to the 16 bit o/s


releases after NT4 are true 32 bit i,e 2000(5.0 +) / NT / Xp /Server etc.


Dont quote me on this but Im also told many games be 16 or between 16 & 32 bit with extensions( to allow use on older o/s etc). Though are gen closer to 16. Therefore the little system change simply allows the games to run @ 32 bit.


As i said im 100% sure of the top comments re O/S etc but am only passing 2nd hand info on why this tweak wrks.


Makes sense, if games a re universally designed to suit many platforms, I suppose they have to have a minimum standard 4 older pc's & is no suprise some tweaks would work in a more advanced o/s on a more ballsy pc.


Interseting all the same.


p.s some guys I no in the It game nick name Xp & Xp pr earlier builds as NT4 & 5 wif bells & whistles....!!!....P.s.s I like Xp but.

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