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Manager Of The Month Jan 09

Guest efctaxi

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Interesting reply . Care to share your concerns further ?


From Wikipedia;


The Manager of the Month award is a prize of recognition given to association football managers in the Premier League. The award is announced in the first week of the following month and the winner is normally decided by the sponsors of the league. It is said to have a curse as its recipients often start a bad run after winning the award.


Bloody hell it is cursed! Just look at the people that have won it this season.


Southgate - Boro in deep trouble, could be relegated.

Brown - Hull now on a bad run and look to be finishing in the bottom half.

Benitez - Lost top spot and slowly sinking down the table, arguably out of the title race and insecure job.

Megson - Shite, Bolton looking poor as ever and Megson doesent seem to have a club most of the time.

O'Neill - OK, the only team actually doing well at the moment from the awards. Maybe they'll go on a bad run now? Who knows..

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