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Guest efctaxi

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Guest efctaxi

Anyone heard of Dark Ride radio ?


I got a mail saying that one of my tracks will be on the Blues review next week from a DJ .

I took a quick look and they have a neat little player that has all the different stations prerecorded so you can flick back and forward between tracks and stations .

Seems to be a little bit for everyone here so I thought I would share the url :)


Here's the player :



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Guest efctaxi
So you sing for your supper do you mate, the taxi is just a side-line. ;)


Too many back operations kind of got in the way mate , so now I'm not really playing much except for the odd bit of teaching now and then .

I can't sing to save my life so I wouldn't put much weight on if I had to sing for my supper lol :lol:

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Guest efctaxi

This weeks show on the blues review :)


01 Hells Bells - Darkryde Spot

02 Giz Intro

03 Opening

04 Blue Jean Blues - Flat 357

05 Calling On My Darling - Albert King

06 Mama Don't Allow - Alvin Youngblood Hart

07 Rev Speaks

08 How Blue Can You Get - BB King

09 Latenight - Barny

10 Still The Rain - BB Chung King and The Buddaheads

11 Rev Speaks

12 Big Thighs - The Beat Daddys

13 Little Wing - Forrest Gump Blues Group

14 Driftin Blues - Eric Clapton

15 Rev Speaks

16 Sweet Home Chicago - Double Dose Blues Band

17 Canine Woman Blues - Dethro Bodine

18 Lets Slide - The Customtones

19 Closing

20 Shamwow - Darkryde Spot


Opening song :lol:

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