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Oh Dear

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"Davie Weir has had a terrific season," Moyes declared. "He played more than 40 games and he deserves an awful lot of credit for that."


"To play the amount of matches he has shows how well he has done. We brought Per in, we had Joseph and we also brought Matteo Ferrari in so there was a lot of competition.


"To be fair to Davie, he has been very, very consistent. I think he had a little bit of blip around Christmas time but apart from that, he's done a very good job."


Has he been watching the same player as we have? Smells like a hint of a new contract to me

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David Weir has given us a lot, but he isn't the guy he was 5 Yrs ago and i think we need to get rid, he has shown a lot of faith into Everton but i feel we need to let him go and bring someone else in, If Stubbs, Weir, and Ferrari though Ferrari is lookin like he will go back to Roma and i cant see him at Everton again to be honest, that just leaves us with Jobo. It's a shame we havn't seen enough of Ferrari, But yeh its time to bring in someone else!

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