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Thinking Of You This Week Rhys

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We are all no doubt getting excited and the feeling is just going to build all week.


Without wishing to be morbid, I did want to just remember young Rhys and his family in this week of all weeks. I am sure it will be a hugely emotional week (again) for the family.


No doubt Rhys would have been making the trip to Wembley. I'm sure that Labby, Bally and Dixie will have Rhys sat in the best spot to look down on Saturday.


Win or lose on Saturday, you're with us in spirit young fella.

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A comment for Jimmy Oliver as well. I don't if anyone has followed or heard about that story, but thoughts should go out to him and his family as well.


I remember him. RIP to both of them, hope they enjoy the game from up there.

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I just hope his family find the strength to go, they should be offered tickets for the final.


Whenever I hear his name my heart aches and head drops, he is one little blue that will never be forgotten, in all our hearts always :mellow:

I think that they will. I know that for the semi they where laid on the full VIP treatment by the club. They travelled down with all the ex-players and where seated with them for the game. It's good that the club looks after its own in the way that it does.

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