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Dixie Dean


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Guest efctaxi
Do you think he be as good if he was alive now?


I never seen him play, only heard about him. Shame they wernt videos of him back then.


Is it legal to score with a zimmer frame ?

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There is quite a lot of video material from him actually? But you cant compare those day to these days. Everything has changed sooo much. He was the best of his time, after him theres Pele, Maradona, Zidane etc You cant even say these days who absolutely the best of the world atm. And there should be a movie coming from him also. That were the time when players didnt know what were cheating, and you needed to be really strong to play, that ball were very hard and when it was wet, huh... ANd players didnt really want to put their head on that ball, only the toughest players did that and tehy also had to hope they aint gonna hit the vent...

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I'm REALLY showing my age here. Agreed, you can't really compare players from different eras, the game was so different then and so much slower.

I don't know whether the post about having to be really hard to head the ball is strictly true though. You didn't think about it - you just did it. Yes the ball was leather with a pig bladder as the "inner tube" if you like and it was laced literally with a lace! The ball was still 1lb in weight as it is now. The BIG difference was that the ball was not sealed with a plastic covering and therefore absorbed water when it was wet so the ball ended the game a lot heavier than when it started. Theoretically the ball was protected (as were boots) by "Dubbin" to keep them waterproof. But as anyone who ever played before about 1965 will tell you - it didn't work so well.

Boots too were very different from today's slippers! They were heavy duty leather with leather studs that had to be nailed into the sole! Many's the game I've played with the nails coming through inside the boot.

Dean was a classic "goal-hanger" in that he made few goals but scored many from goalmouth scrambles and being in the right spot at the right time. He was so good in fact, that his exploits forced a change in the offside rule to something like the present situation. Previously, there only had to be one player between him and the goal - who, of course was usually the goalkeeper.

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