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Argentine Football Season Halted By Debt!

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Argentine football halted by debt


Clubs such as Boca Juniors (left) and River Plate are affected by the delay

The start of the football season in Argentina has been delayed indefinitely because many of the clubs involved are heavily in debt.


The season had been due to kick off on 14 August, but the Argentine Football Association (AFA) said some clubs did not have enough money to pay players.


AFA President Julio Grondona said the situation was "very difficult".


Last week, clubs in the second division had the start of their season postponed for similar reasons.


"The executive committee of the AFA resolved unanimously tonight that the championships in all categories should not start on the scheduled dates," said a statement posted on the AFA website late on Tuesday.


The organisation said it was continuing to look for "a substantive solution" to the financial problems facing the clubs and that their decision "will not affect intelligent and dignified meetings to seek a solution satisfactory to both parties".


But the AFA said Argentina's involvement in the Copa Sudamericana, the regional South Americas tournament, would not be affected.


A friendly between Argentina and Russia on 12 August will also go ahead.


Argentine officials say the global economic crisis has had a big impact on clubs in the country, because they depend heavily on rich European teams buying their players.


Mr Grondona said an increase in revenue from television rights could help to ease the AFA's problems but had so far not been secured.


"The available resources cannot meet expenses. The situation is very difficult," he said.


in a funny way don't u wish this happened in england however only affecting the mega rich teams like chelski, man city, asenal and the shite!

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