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Peep Show Series 6


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In acknowledgement of Peep Show's Series 6 premiere Friday, I have some questions for fellow fans here:


1. What is the single most pathetic thing Mark has ever said or done?

2. What is the single most shameless thing Jez has ever said or done?

3. What is your favorite Super Hans line?

4. Who is the most attractive woman on the show?


My answers (off the top of my head):


1. The time at the reunion when he was talking to that girl about the history trip where they read Hitchhiker's Guide, and he says, "I was thinking that was one of the greatest days of my life." There could easily be better ones, but I found that brutal.


2. Has to be the "turkey" leg.


3. Either the "It's just some crack, mate" at the funeral, or the time he dumps that cereal out at Jez's old schoolmate's house and says menacingly, "I hear this stuff's expensive."


4. Big Suze

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