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Hi Guys,


Have been reading the forum for a while now and it is certainly the best toffee site that is around, well done for that.


Thought it was time to post and join the discussions that you have on here.


As I don't remember the glory days of the early 80's and previous to that I am feeling very optimistic about the future of the club and the players that we are developing and starting to produce/bring to the club.


Although I agree that certain transfers Davie has brought in have been poor to say the least (Kroldrup etc.) I think that at times we forget that this is the same man that seems after being allowed to talk to players is very good at convincing them that Goodison is the place to be. If you look in the Premiership at the players that have been brought in in my personal opinion two of the stars of the low value transfers would have to be Arteta and Cahill, I believe this is to the credit of Moyes' and although granted there have been failures I think we must not overlook the good deals that he has made as well.


Also what is nice at the moment about Everton is that we can start paying prices for players that really we would not have been able to afford in recent years, as mentioned this was to our detriment in the Per case but at least we are now able to look to strenghten the team.


I really hope that Johnson does join is as likely as I feel for the first time in my lifetime this will give us a front two partnership, which I feel will ease the load on each of the strikers and hopefully enable them to excel, the fact that they are close friends may also mean that they will form an understanding quicker than perhaps would normally be the case.


Looking throughout the squad, we really do have competition for a lot of the places in the team and an encouraging situation on the youth front Vidarsson, Anichebe, Vaughan, Hughes and that Kissock in a few years, the only thing we desperately lack imo (if Johnson comes) would be a CB and a left sided midfielder as Killa does not cut the mustard.


Finally I hope this optimism turns into a club challenging for honours in the not too distant future as our fans are by far the best that I have experienced, I went to a few Villa and Blues games in recent seasons and none of them get close to the atmosphere in the Gladys although last season this wasn't quite as it was in previous years mainly due to the fact that the majority of times I visited were at the start of the season when we were struggling.


Anyway guys sorry for the long post. Hope you are not too all bored.

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lol i read it all... some good points about the youth ... and i agree that cahill and arteta are good buys.... but iunno hes too inconsistant for me, and leaves things too late i still think hes not good in the market...the arteta deal was genius though


and its nice to c 8.5 mil offers yes, whether we can truely afford it or not well have to see

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