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Usa Crashes Out


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Watched the yanks lose 2-1 to Ghana yesterday in a bar in cape town. Ghana had all of Africa behind them and after the first 30 mins I thought we were going out with a whimper. I have to say I am quite proud of our boys after their second half fight back. Sure we should have progressed from the group stages and probably even made it as far as the quarter-finals but I think American SOCCER has progressed leaps and bounds and seeing quality players young players like Bradley, Edu, and Altidore really show glimpses of brilliance and to see the old guard, Donovan and Dempsey finally really live up to their potential in a major tournament was a joy to watch. I never have been able to be really proud to be an American there is just too much f-ed up shit we are responsible for but for the past 2+ weeks I forgot all of that. I have always envied other nations citizens as they sing their anthem with complete pride. I think I have only spoken the national anthem before... never yelled it as loud as I could and to do that was awesome.


I was just wondering if any of you Americans had a similar experience and at least writing this makes me feel better after that tough loss.

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We gave up two goals to Ghana the same way we gave up the goal to England. Mistakes leading to a fast break goal. Oh well, we probably could've gone to the Quarterfinals, and who knows, maybe even the Semi's, but it doesn't really matter now. We'll give em hell in 2014. I wish I could say we'd be good enough to win it in 2022 when the US is the probable host, but I don't think we will be good enough to win it all by then.

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