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This probably goes for the lot of them now though.


Ok quick insight into why i am so angry this morning.


I arrived at my train station today to get on the 8.50 train to liverpool city centre. I arrived dot on 8.47 (As i synced my mobile phone time to the train clock time, so i know for sure the exact time the trains arrive then) But as i turned up the train was leaving. So i wasnt best pleased.


Anyhow around the corner there is another station, the train from there leaves at 8.55. Once again i arrive, this time at 8.52 (Sorry to be so accurate with times, but this will be of relevance in a moment) and once again the train is just about to leave. So unable to buy a ticket i jumped ont he train, as i sis not want to be late for work.


Once i arrived at Moorfields in the city centre, i asked the man, whether i could just go to purchase my return tickets from the shop as the train came to early and i arrived just as it was leaving. He then turned around to me and said "No, you have to fill out a £20.00 penalty charge form" It pissed me right off. I told him the whole situation, but he didnt seem to care, plus i told him i was now goin to be late for work, again it didnt even bother him.


So now i have a penalty form, all because there trains are turning up at the wrong time, i will be writing a statement to merseyrail as i will not be paying this fine. How can they have there trains turning up minutes before there meant to, put everybody off balance then charge them £20.00 for a £2.00 ticket. As you can tell am not happy!

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Public transport in this country has gone mental. So many stories like this. A few months back my fiance was travelling to a dress making course, she got to the train station and the ticket booth was closed and the ticket machine was broken meaning that there was no possible way to buy a ticket prior to boarding the train. She assumed that she wold be able to pop on the train and buy a ticket afterwards at the the other end. She arrived at here destination to be told that as she had not purchased a ticket she would be fined, she argued that she couldn't buy a ticket as there was no way to, they wouldn't agree. She didn't have enough money on her to buy the now more expensive ticket so I had to make a 35 mile drive to bring her some money so that she could pay this ridiculous fine. I was so close to punching the station conducter bloke it was untrue. I argued with him that on his logic nobody can use the train station by our house as there is noway to buy tickets. God, it's making me angry just thinking about it !

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