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Tactics Vs. Liverpool


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The game was won by the better side. Everton were superior both with and without the ball, and a rare moment of individual brilliance resulted in the crucial first goal. Everton jump up into midtable, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if, as in the previous two seasons, they recover from a slow start to become a real force by the end of the campaign.



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I was amazed by how few passes compared to them we had when you look on the Guardian chalkboards.


The difference being as they show on that article with there's is that there passes all show a red (failed) line when it gets to our box where as our attacking quite frequently created or got very close to creating a real chance in the box.


From early on in the game we showed that having all the possesion wasn't that important as much as what we did with it.


We let them have the ball quite often but if they had it from the back we'd pressure them from the half way line resulting in some long spells where they'd have the ball but not make 1 pass over the half way.


When we lost the ball while in attack we always closed them down quickly, Osman, Cahill and Arteta are particularly good at this, quickly getting in for a challenge or blocking a clearence to keep the ball back in their half. This tactic also really gets the fans behind you as there's nothing better than seeing there chances to get into our half swiftly broken down by a player showing top comitment to the cause.


I thought Heitinga played quite an unusual for the role part in this as well in the first half. Rather than staying around the half way he frequently charged forward when we were off the ball to help pressurise them when they held the ball in their own half.


While Liverpool clearly look out of sorts attacking at the moment and lack much of an idea on how to create goals I think the tactics that Moyes set out were absaloutely spot on and were ideal against such a struggling team in not letting them gain in confidence on the ball.


Not something we say about Moyes too often!

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