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Given our now normal start to the season, and our financial problems, the best I can see this season is a mid table position. That is, if our season runs to form. We are not likely to be challenging for honours are we?


So do we keep on year after year in mid table mediocrity or is there a way out?


Ways out that I can see:


1. Multi billionaire buys the club.


Unlikely isn't it, although I don't know why.


2. Relegation, sell players reduce wage bill, Umbrella payments to start a rebuild, come back up and take the PL by storm.


Yeah well this sounds as likely as making chocolate teapots. I don't want to be relegated, and I am not sure if we were that we could come back up so easily. Not a nice option.


3. Sell players for what we can get for them and begin a rebuild anyway.


I have a horrible feeling that this way lies madness and probably option 2.


4. Change manager and hope for better.


This is pie in the sky. We can not get a better manager than David Moyes.


5. Start support Everton Ladies as fanatically as the first team and make our dis-satisfaction known by not attending matches.


This would be pointless, what good would this do.




6. Just pretend not to be interested in football anymore.


Not sure even I can do that one.

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