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Fm 2006


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I got this 1...My first evr fm game thingy & Effort kenwright sacked me just as I felt we had turned the corner mid January.


We were 15th but the shiote were in bot 3 & I outlasted Beitez...hehehe


Dunc & Bt spent most of the time injured...As did Tc..Per was great, as were Phill, Joey & suprisingly Killa.


Amazingly got 2.3 mill from soton 4 Bent..LOL


Marcelo Zayaleta scored bags for us ( though exy from juve) & an oz strker archie Thompson did really well 4 us & he was really really really cheap....


I actually enjoyed this & it didnt seem as clunky, slow, or a slimited as the other 1 It ried...OMg Ive found a game...!!!

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playing under my alter ego on all the footy manager games, under the name of jonnas webbas the part time porn star/Everton manager


i'm 17th at the moment with BT and delgado (17 games 11 goals) not doin to bad


midfield wihelmson in left mid or upfront as top quality striker as well with VDM on the right


brought in glen Johnson at right back but hitting form after beating arsenal 5-4 on a unbeaten 4 games (2 wins 2 draws)


but can't put it down


fm rocks

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in the champ league qualifiers I got Celtic, beat them away 4-1 then got beat 4-2 at home! In the group stage I finished 4th due to the fact I had Inter, Real Betis and Lille in my group. Im not doin dat bad in the league, im 4th with 16 games gone, Bent is my top goal scorer with 13 goals so far, not bad for a shite player lol!

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what formations and tactics do you guys use? played it for the first time yesterday and i'm playing 4-4-2 with my individual players set up to just stick to their positions. i got celtic in the qualifiers for the champions league and drew 3-3 first leg, playing the 2nd leg tonight and i wanna get through!! :D

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