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My Brother Chris


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My brother chris has jst rung me and has told me somthing that had me in stiches laughing but its abit tight.



My brother was out with his mates yesterday round town drinking at around 8:00 my brother was starving so my brother went to KFC and his mates came with him, my brother ordered 4 pieces of chicken and chips but no drink


Anyway my brother had eaten everysingle chip! and had eaten all the chicken right down to the bottom of the bone so there was absolutly NOTHING left! My brother then put all the bones back in the box (from KFC) in search of a bin


Anyway my Brother and his mates was then walkin to a pub wen my brother so a tramp further up the street, my brother siad watch this to all his mates so his mates stopped as Chris walked up the street towards the tramp.


My brother said to the tramp: Here mate, ive got you a KFC 4 pieces of chicken, the tramps face lit up and my brother handed other the box, little did the tramp no that there was only bones in the box! |(By this time all his mates were laughing) My brother started to walk back to his mates then the tramp opened the box and suddenly the whole street heard: "you fuckin bastard ill fucking kill you, you twit!"


My brother and his mates ran off in stiches laughing at the tramp!



Ino its a bit tight but that would have been well funny. :lol::lol:

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i can see the funyn side like, we've said soem things to tramps in the past like, the old classic to ya mate 'so how long u been out since rapign them tramps', also works (probably better) when walking past a girl on her own ... its not actualyl that funny to say it, but it's the reactions that are amusing

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