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emre injured


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he really needs to learn that players can get injured anywhere. whether if its premiership, FA cup, mickey mouse cup, CL, uefa, international. oh yeah they can even be injured off the pitch in the safet of thier own homes.


players are always at risk from being injured. god sourpuss really needs to be smacked in his extra large gob

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But dont you think he has a point there. These friendlies mean nothing and having them at such an important point of the league and risking stupid injuries is not worth it.


How angry would Ferguson be if he lost a Rooney or Van nisltelrooy, Rafa if he lost Gerrard or Cisse or your own Moyes if Cahill were to get a serious injury.


Stop being harsh to that man even though he is a dick and an arsehole. ;) Old Souness has a point there(for a change :wub: )

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Friendlies may be unimportant but that doesn't stop people complaining about players (e.g. Giggs, Smith) who pull out of their national squads for friendly games - then everyone's on about lack of pride for your country etc. etc! But I agree, friendlies are a fact of life. True you can get unlucky with injuries but so can any club - it's not like Newcastle are the only club with players who go on international duty.

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