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Everton Enjoying Good News.....


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Everton may have nothing to shout about on the field of play, but today the club will have plenty to say to shareholders at their annual general meeting as they unveil the best financial results in the club's 127-year history.


The turnover is £60 million, which puts the club in the Deloitte top 20 list of world clubs. The operating loss of £17 million in the 2003-04 season is now a profit of £100,000. That becomes £23.5 million when one factors in money from the sale of Wayne Rooney (£23.5 million) and Thomas Gravesen (£2.5 million) and a number of outgoings, whereas in the 2003-04 season there was a loss of £15.4 million.


The club's debts have come down from £47 million to £28 million. As promised by Bill Kenwright, the chairman, the Rooney money has gone on buying players. In the last year Everton have been on their biggest spending spree, buying eight players for £23.3 million. Only Chelsea and Tottenham have spent more.


A year ago the situation could not have been more different. Then Everton desperately needed money and Christopher Samuelson, representing Fortress Fund, came to address shareholders at the AGM and told them he was about to invest in the club. But it was six months before the money turned up. By then, Everton's finances had so improved that the money was felt to be unnecessary.


Everton still have important decisions to make, like finding a new ground. They are looking at two or three sites, but their decision depends on what happens at Liverpool, who are scouring the world for an investor to fund their own new ground. The latest word is that Anfield may have a Middle East investor who is keen on having a casino at the new ground.

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It will be interesting to find out what happens tonight


Im sure there will be a few rows considering the current form, but there may be a few answers to questions that people have been asking


Isn't rowlo going?


Sure he will fill us in tomorrow

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Guest fozzie22

The truth is this,once the facts of how much DM has spent on players comes through in next years accounts the figures will be more or less what they where in the first place.


Only this time we wont have a rooney to give away.

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