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God Some Police Are Really Stupid.


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right today. my politics group went on a trip to the houses of parliament (which was very good btw) but something happened there which really surprised every single one of us.


by the entrance there were 2 coppers monitering who was going in and what was going in. they specifically told us the following rules:

no food

no drinks

no photography inside the building

no offensive weapons



now there was one student (younger than me so hes 16) who all of a sudden brought out his swiss army knife (one one big motherfucker it was as well) and handed it to the policeman. much to the surprise to everyone. the policeman who recieved the knife said to the lad that he was too young to be carrying a knife and therefore he should be arrested however he didnt and this is what he said:


'im not gonna arrest you because there would be too much paperwork involved in arrests'


now this policeman neglected his duties and should have made the arrest. however he didnt. stupid cockney

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