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Good And Bad Points About The Game


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bad points:


1) Richard Wright NEEDS to go and find another club, i mean seriously, terminate his contract come the end of the season, id rather have tim howard go back to united and have no one between the sticks than him, they were 3 of the softest goals i have ever seen in my entire football watching life,wtf was that about with richardson, he had the whole pitch to aim for and he decided to try and pull a sander westerveld and aim for the guys head! he dived too early for the ronaldo goal (extremely poor judgement, the ball rolled at about 5mph), he had his legs open wider than a slut at piccadilly circus for the second, and the third, fuck me dont get me started on that, as someone mentioned in the other topic, "JOHN O'SHEA, JOHN O'SHEA!?" one of the worst full backs in premiership history, jack of all trades, master of none, and he scores a goal like that, grrrrrr :angry: the way yobo and stubbs were eyeing him and that just made it look like the defence has no confidence in him at all, its ludicrous


2) Beattie was woeful, the way he fumbled that ball in the box was unbelievable and not something that we should have paid £6million for, just the way he handled himself around the game was appauling, he'd chase nigh impossible goals, and as soon as we catch the ball on the break and pass it through a clean gap through the middle hes way out to the right or left and nowhere to be found, he didnt win one ball in the air against ferdinand, fair enough rio is tall but the way beattie is built, fook its not hard!another who shouldnt be able to darken our door again


good points:


Arteta, Pip and Lescott were all amazing tonight if you ask me, spud owned the pitch, neville kept everyone together and some of his tackles/passes were awesome, and lescott had that fat shit rooneys balls in a vice for most of the night, the team played great for the first half, really kept everything together, the heads went down after the 2nd goal but who could blame them, it wasnt one of our worst performances and i am aboslutely adamant that if howard, cahill and AJ were playing tonight then we at least would have had a draw


theres my two cents on the matter anyway

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Didnt think Teflon was quite as bad as that assesment mate.


Beattie is a Massive problem.


No other real complaints except the Cupboard is bare, this, Charlton etc are proving so.


Out classed by a much better unit really.


Beattie & McFadden Are 2 Dumb to read Arteta..I feel 4 him.


Lescott is the best money (Thus far) we have spent in the modern era.

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Beattie wouldnt be a problem if we hadnt have signed the slackarse,finally people are coming roubd to what i've said all along..he's not fit to wear an Everton shirt simple as that.


As for Tef,i bet wenger still laughs over the fact we paid so much for him..he really got his own back for jeffers with that lump of wood.


I feel to that the mancs can put out a basic second string team and we still get comfortably beaten,we are miles and miles away from being anywhere near the top of the league,and the way things are shaping i doubt wether we'll win the league again in my lifetime.

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The scale of the way our players are playing is so wrong.Arteta and Lescott are amazing and Beattie and teflon (wednesday) we're shocking. It seems BT is running around like theres a ton of weight straped to his legs. Neville is excellent at organising the team but his passing is SHOCKING especially that AJ isnt in the team so he cant just knock it down the wings.


All in all a bad day at the office which could have been avoided as andy said if we had those 3 in out team.

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