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Standing Areas At Football Grounds

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Mike Hancock MP has put down the following Early Day Motion in Parliament





Hancock, Mike

That this House urges the Government to re-examine the case for introducing small, limited sections of safe standing areas at football grounds; further urges the Government to recognise that there is widespread support for such areas, and that improvements in stadium design and technology mean that with rigorous safety specifications standing areas could be safely re-introduced; and calls on the Minister concerned to convene a meeting of representatives of the police, supporters, Premier League clubs and the Football Licensing Authority to find a way forward


We need 100 MPs to sign EDM 101, 'Safe Standing At Football' and at the time of writing we are over half way there with 53 having pledged their support so far.


Please lobby your MP and get him or her to sign the EDM


The 53 MPs signing so far from across the Parties are as follows:


Hancock, Mike Russell, Bob Evans, Nigel Hemming, John Hoey, Kate Drew, David Pope, Greg Llwyd, Elfyn Conway, Derek Gibson, Ian Godsiff, Roger Goodman, Paul Baker, Norman Stringer, Graham Taylor, David Davies, Philip Leech, John Scott, Lee Rennie, Willie Robinson, Iris MacKay, Andrew McDonnell, Alasdair Campbell, Gregory Willis, Phil Soulsby, Peter Prentice, Gordon Heyes, David Jenkins, Brian Chaytor, David Cryer, Ann Davey, Edward Dean, Janet Flynn, Paul Mates, Michael Brooke, Annette Challen, Colin Gidley, Sandra Burrowes, David Goodman, Helen Howarth, David Singh, Marsha Stoate, Howard Widdecombe, Ann Riordan, Linda Hunter, Mark Lloyd, Tony Foster, Michael Jabez Vis, Rudi Browne, Jeremy Kawczynski, Daniel Simpson, Alan Stewart, Ian Todd, Mark


You might also be interested in this letter from Phil Gatenby at FSF and note if you do get a negative response from your MP, then send it to Phil Gatenby as requested




Mike Hancock MP has put down an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons calling for the introduction of safe standing areas.


This is another opportunity to raise this important matter as we build a

momentum behind this issue.


Please write to your MP NOW (you can find out who she/he is and how to

contact her/him by going to):


Write to Your MP


The Early Day Motion can be found at:


EDM Link


Get scribbling now! Please send any letters/emails you send any replies

received to:



Phil Gatenby




Fans' Stadium - Kingsmeadow


Jack Goodchild Way


422a Kingston Road


Kingston KT1 2PB






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